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Smart Laser Lipo or Lipo Smart "laser assisted liposuction" - Laser fat removal is a new liposuction technique for the removal of fat from the body.Laser liposuction is a popular procedure to remove stubborn fatty deposits through the use of cutting-edge laser technology.The Smart lipo laser liposuction called in different names such as: lipo smart, "laser liposuction" - "liposculpture", "smart Laser lipo", "laser lipolysis" , "laser assisted liposuction".

Precise and safe, medical-grade lasers work by creating a powerful light beam that is adjusted to a specific frequency range. Lipo Smart is different in that it uses a carefully calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits. The laser ruptures fat cells, and the resulting oily, liquid substance is then removed through a tiny incision in the skin by the surgeon. The small laser can also seal blood vessels as it zaps fat, so there is less swelling, bleeding and bruising than with traditional liposuction. Research has shown that little, if any, fat is reabsorbed back into the body.

The minimally invasive procedure allows patients to see faster results and to experience lesser complications. In addition, Smart Lipo’s patients need only a local anesthetic for this procedure, whereas liposuction requires general anesthesia. Because the patient is not completely unconscious, Smart Lipo carries much fewer risks than traditional liposuction, and the recovery time is shorter.

Lipo Smart laser assisted liposuction is by far the best kind of liposuction available - especially for young people - today. It is a method that offers the best results to stay young with less trauma and less downtime. It has a fast recovery time and the cost is very competitive.

Lipo Smart laser assisted liposuction uses laser technology to melt and liquefy the fat within the fat cells. The advanced lipodissolve in addition, it smoothes and tightens the skin to decrease the looseness that one sometimes sees with traditional liposuction. It can be utilized alone to treat smaller areas of fat, such as below the chin, the neck or in combination with liposuction to remove larger areas of fat such as in the abdomen, hips and thighs.

Lipo Smart laser assisted liposuction uses the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery technology, which provide a safer, quicker, advanced lipodissolve method. Pioneered in Europe, the Smart Lipo procedure is the first laser-assisted liposuction procedure.
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  • The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately—resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising than conventional liposuction, for faster healing and recovery.
  • Smart laser Lipo - alternative to liposuction - can supplement or augment traditional methods of cellulite treatment.
  • Given the cannula's small size and gentleness of the procedure, Smartlipo laser-assisted lipolysis or liposuction is a minimally invasive advanced lipodissolve treatment that only requires local anesthesia—enhancing patient safety and reducing the likelihood of side effects.
Smart Lipo laser liposuction with aspiration or smart lipo without aspiration

Benefits /Advantages/ of the laser assisted lipolysis:
  • Tiny scars
  • Possible reduced bruising
  • Possible local anesthesia
  • Ability to improve superficial skin irregularities
  • Skin quality enhancement
  • Fat reduction
  • Etching of abdominal contour

Smart lipo - Minimal discomfort

During the procedure, there is no pain. After the anesthesia has worn off, it only feels like the aches and pains that follow a vigorous workout. This is unlike in traditional liposuction where a patient feels as if a truck was driven over the body. The bruises too are much less with Smartlipo.

Smart lipo - Less traumatic

The fiber-optic cannula is inserted through a small puncture in the skin usually along creases that conceal the scar. As the laser melts the fats, it also coagulates the loose ends of small blood vessels. Compression garments are optional as the area will not bleed very much after the laser is removed. The granulation tissue (healing-tissues) does the rest of the work in contracting the treated area as well as the overlying skin
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Smart lipo laser body sculpting procedures:
Because the SmartLipo cannula is very small, SmartLipo can be performed on any trouble areas. SmartLipo also can be used anywhere traditional liposuction is used.

The following body parts that can benefit from the SmartLipo liposuction procedure:

abdomen, back, bra strap, male breasts, buttocks, cheeks, chin , face, hips, knees, neck thighs (saddle bags) upper arms, and any other areas with loose and flabby skin

SmartLipo works best on small areas of fat that can be quickly liquefied and easily removed.

Smartlipo Laser Liposuction should not be considered a substitute for overall weight loss, nor is it an effective treatment for cellulite, a condition that gives the skin an uneven, dimpled appearance. Alternative treatments may be considered, in some instances, to improve this problem.

Laser Liposuction can be performed on several areas of the body at the same time, and it can also be done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures.

To be a good candidate for SmartLipo, you should have realistic expectations about the procedure’s capabilities.While SmartLipo can improve your appearance and self-confidence, it won’t necessarily match your mental ideal, nor will it cause other people to act differently toward you. Before you decide to have SmartLipo, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with Dr Rodriogo during your consultation.

Smart lipo Laser Lipolysis Laser Body Sculpting Workstation

Smart Lipo Workstation

Please Note

All liposuction creates a tissue injury, causes some fluid loss, and requires the treated areas to be compressed by an elastic garment after the procedure to prevent accumulation of blood or fluid in the area.

Before the Lipo Smart Lipo Smart

Before your Smart lipo fat removalsurgery, you will have an initial patient consultation, which will include a history, physical exam. You may need a second consultation to give you time to think over the smart lipo fat removal procedure.

You should feel free to ask questions, and to feel satisfied with the answers to those questions. A properly informed person makes a better patient. You must understand fully the pre-operative preparations, the liposuction procedure, and the post-operative care. Understand that liposuction may enhance your appearance and self-confidence, but it will probably not give you your ideal body.


Smart lipo fat removal surgery may be performed under local anesthesia with or without oral sedation, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.When local anesthesia is used, you will be relaxed and pain free, but may feel some tugging or pulling

Duration of operation

About one to three hours, depending the area treated.


Smart lipo Liposuction may or may not require a hospital stay, depending on the location and extent of surgery. Liposuction can be done, in a surgery center on an outpatient basis, or in a hospital. For reasons of cost and convenience, liposuction of smaller volumes is usually done as an outpatient. You may need to stay in a hospital if a larger volume of fat is being removed, or if you are having other procedures done at the same time.

After care

After the smartlipo liposuction surgery, bandages are applied to keep pressure on the area and stop any bleeding, as well as to help maintain shape. Bandages are usually kept in place for at least 2 weeks.. A visit back to the surgeon after 5-7 days is often recommended. Sometimes people gain weight after liposuction. This is due to the increased fluid from surgery.


The liposuctioned area may appear larger than before surgery because of swelling. You must wear a tight stocking, girdle, or snug elastic dressing over the treated area to reduce swelling and bleeding, and to help shrink the skin to fit the new contour. You should wear this garment continuously for 2 to 3 weeks. You will likely have swelling, bruising, numbness, and pain, but it can be managed with medications. The stitches will be removed in 5 to 10 days. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection.

You may feel sensations such as numbness or tingling, as well as pain, for weeks after the surgery. Walk as soon after surgery as possible to help prevent blood clots from forming in your legs. Avoid more strenuous exercise for about a month after the surgery.You will start to feel better after about 1 or 2 weeks following liposuction surgery. You may return to work within a few days of the surgery. Bruising and swelling usually go away within three weeks; however, you may still have some swelling several months later.

Your doctor will check your progress through follow-up visits. If you have any questions or problems between office visits, call your doctor. Your new body shape will begin to emerge in the first couple of weeks; however, the improvement won't become more visible until about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. By exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, you can help maintain your new shape.

Operation scars are very tiny. They do fade over time and are usually hardly noticeable, as they are often hidden, of the natural creases in your skin.

Most informed patients are satisfied with the cosmetic result of their smatlipo fat removal surgery. Informed patients understand that there are limits to what smatlipo liposuction can accomplish.

Smart lipo liposuction alternative cosmetic surgery offered by Dr Rodrigo. He is one of the best expertise in Budapest.

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