Terms and conditions:


The final price is not subject to any negotiation. The agreed price will only be applicable if you pay strictly and only by cash. We don't accept debit cards, cheques or bank transfers. The pre-arranged price for the surgery can only be guaranteed if payment is made by cash in English Pounds or Euros.

Please Note: In Budapest there are limited facilities available to draw down Euros from ATM's or in the banks using debit or credit cards. Only Hungarian Forints can be withdrawn. The dally maximum amount that can withdraw from an ATM machine is HUF 300 000, which is about € 1200/£1000.The only way of obtaining Euros in Budapest is physically purchasing them from the Forex tellers. If you decide to pay your surgery by credit card, you must notify us before your arrival.

We do understand to carry large amount of money can cause stress for some people. In this case the possible option: you pay half of the total amount in cash and then you will pay the rest via PayPal

Why we insist you to pay by cash? On the day of your surgery after the consultation with Dr Rodrigo and before the admission to the clinic you must pay of the price of your surgery. None of the English, or European bank let to credit £ 1500/€1800 or more at any card in a foreign country for one single purchase regardless what was your previous arrangement with your bank. Even if you ask your bank to lift up you daily limit for one day they very reluctant to do so.

The amount what you can withdraw from your debit card from an ATM machine is also limited,- HUF300000 ~ GBP1000/€1200 per day.

If you will discover only one hours before the surgery, your bank don’t let us to withdraw the money from your card or cards you have simply not enough time to make any arrangements with your bank to let us proceed with payment. This will cause stress for you and for us as well because your surgery will be terminated.

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