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Q.It is the nose job - Rhinoplasty painful?
Surprisingly most patients comment that nose surgery is not painful. More people are concerned about having a dry throat because their nose is blocked and they have to breathe through their mouth.

Q.Does the nose change over time after the cosmetic surgery?
The final result in rhinoplasty can take 6 months to 1 year to become visible. This is a normal time of complete healing.

Q. Can the outcome of Nose Cosmetic Surgery be guaranteed ?
Not everybody’s nose can be turned into their favorite celebrity's nose due to differences in the basic shape of the nose cartilage and thickness of individual nasal skin. The nose cosmetic surgery only can controls about 95% of the outcome, the patient healing ability determine the rest.

Q.Which age groups typically seek rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery?
Rhinoplasty has been performed on people aged fourteen r seventy who can generally be categorized into three categories:
  1. Adolescents and young adults, ages fourteen to twenty-two.
  2. People in their mid-thirties. This group is comprised primarily of working parents who have saved enough money to undergo an operation they have desired most of their lives.
  3. The over-fifty groups whose noses have gotten big­ger or started to droop with age. They are living proof that nose cartilage continues to grow and change, even though very slowly, throughout entire life.
Q. Is there such thing as an "ideal nose"?
The "ideal" nose is different for each individual, al­though ideal proportions and angles between the nose and the rest of the face are relatively constant. Researchers came up with these constants by measuring many models' faces from every conceivable angle and averaging the mea­surements.They found, that the angle between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose should be between 90 and 100 degrees on a man. On a woman, that angle should be a bit wider, between 95 and 110 de­grees, which means the nose is turned up slightly.

Q. How does a person's height and bone structure help determine a suitable nose shape?
A large-boned person should have a larger nose, and vice versa. To give singer Celine Dion 's nose to Cheryl would make the celeb/ singer look bizarre. A patient's height is important because tall people tend to have "tall" faces that look better with a slightly longer nose.

Nose Surgery - Correction of the alar base before and after

nose surgery abroad

Plastic surgery before after pictures
Plastic surgery before after pictures

Q, How is rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery performed?
There are two surgical methods available to the surgeon: the traditional closed technique, where all the incisions are inside the nostrils; and the newer open technique, where an external incision is made on the "columella" (skin bridge separating the nostrils) and connects to longer internal in­cisions. The open technique allows the surgeon to lift up the nose skin to get a better view of inner structures. Ad­ditional incisions at the bottom of each nostril are made if your nostrils are to be narrowed.

More and more plastic surgeons are turning to the open technique for difficult cases, such as repeat rhinoplasties or correction of twisted or asymmetrical noses. The scar left from the open method is usually extremely difficult to see once it fades.

Through internal or external incisions, the surgeon does any number of procedures such as contouring the tip, short­ening the nose, removing a hump, narrowing the nose by making cuts in the bone, and grafting cartilage.

The open technique takes a bit longer but offers a greater degree of accuracy, which increases the chances of a good result, particularly when the surgeon has not done too many rhinoplasties. Which technique a surgeon prefers depends on his or her training and experience.

Q. Can rhinoplasty make a small nose bigger?

Nose surgery abroad before - after

Rhinoplasty BeforeRynoplasty After

Nose surgery abroad before - after

Radiesse Rhinoplasty BeforeLiquid Rynoplasty After

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