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Mommy makeover procedures are multiple surgeries that depend on your need – tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation.

Childbirth is a major ordeal, and so is nursing – and they both leave their mark on Mummy’s body. After baby is born, abdominal muscles are stretched, weight is often difficult to lose, and breasts are usually droop or sag. Mummy Makeover has fast become a very popular option for mothers wishing to get back their pre-pregnancy good looks.

Smart lipo laser liposuction and Liposuction  - reshapes and contours the body by eliminating fat deposits around the waist and hips that were gained during pregnancy. Our smart lipo procedure has less pain and down time than conventional liposuction.

The problem areas  after the pregnancy:


The uterus is usually about the size of an orange, during pregnancy the growing baby stretches the uterus and ultimately the abdominal wall. The two vertically oriented muscles -the "six-pack" muscles in front of the abdomen actually separate. The separation of the muscles is permanent. The abdominal wall becomes lax with each successive pregnancy and the abdomen bulges despite diet and exercise. Some women tend to hold their abdomen tight all day long to help minimize the bulge that appears with muscle relaxation. With appropriate exercise, you can strengthen the muscles and improve tone but you cannot strengthen or tighten the loose, stretched abdominal wall.The skin is also stretched immensely during pregnancy, resulting in lax or loose skin and stretch marks after the pregnancy.. The waist widens, fat accumulates in and around the trunk area and the skin can hang. This is most noticeable when you bend over.

Abdomen Surgery


Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the breasts grow considerably. Breast-feeding causes the breasts to empty and fill repeatedly. Once breast-feeding is complete, the breasts typically decrease in size, often to a size smaller than before the pregnancy. As a result, the breasts fall, become flatter, and smaller. The areola diameter increases and typically darkens. Stretch marks can also appear. The breasts end up looking tired, droopy and deflated.


Liposdystrophy is the collection of fat which might have been present before pregnancy but becomes more apparent after pregnancy. Fatty deposits can also appear in areas that formerly had very little present (like the hips

Treatment Options after Childbirth


The impact of pregnancy on a woman's abdomen is variable. When there is a large abdominal bulge from weakened fascia, loose hanging skin and an abundance of stretch marks present, a full abdominoplasty usually accompanied by liposuction is needed to correct the problem. Tummy tuck - removes excess abdominal skin and fat; tightens the tummy area. Liposuction alone does not get rid of the appearance of hanging abdominal skin, which is caused by the severe stretching of the stomach muscles in childbirth. Only a tummy tuck actually corrects the problem by tightening the lax abdominal muscles. A "mini-tuck" may be all that is necessary to improve the appearance in cases when the abdomen is relatively flat, yet stretch marks and loose skin in the area below the umbilicus or "belly button" remain. If the fascia is strong and the skin is relatively tight, but there is excess fat on the abdomen and hips, liposuction alone may provide excellent results.


Breast surgery after pregnancy is designed to bring the breasts back to "the good old days" when they were perky. Sometimes an implant alone is sufficient to restore lost volume when the nipple has not fallen.

Breast Augmentation - corrects breast volume reduction common after pregnancy. Many mummies are surprised by the “shrinkage” that they see in their breasts, and using breast augmentation - breast implants- can restore a woman’s full breasts.

Breast Lift - correcting sagging and/or asymmetrical breasts. Unfortunately, with the stresses of childbirth and nursing, the breasts can become a bit saggy. However, the breast lift can make breasts look firm again.

Breast Reduction - breasts may become significantly enlarged because of hormonal changes during pregnancy, and if the breasts are too large, they may become uncomfortable – even painful. Breast reduction brings you back to a more normal size, making you feel younger and less “weighed down.”

Liposuction Fat Removal

Liposuction consists of contouring the fat that accumulated during pregnancy. It is the easiest and safest procedure to restore your pre-pregnancy curves.
Sometimes all three procedures can be safely performed to provide for the best result. However, it is not uncommon that mommys' are stage the procedures in order to obtain the best final result and to provide the greater degree of safety.

Make the most of motherhood, but look like you did before your baby was born – with a Mummy Makeover with Meditourist Budapest.

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