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How Much does plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure cost?

Budapest This is one of the most often asked questions when people first consider plastic or cosmetic surgery abroad. The bigger issue is do you really want the cheapest plastic surgeon you can find? In this industry, higher cost often equals more qualified expertise.

Sometimes, people choose their plastic surgeon mainly on the basis of price. Plastic surgery abroad - Hungary, Budapest is very affordable, sometimes cheap. The costs or prices any procedures are much lower when compared to the likes of the UK or Ireland. However, since the success of your plastic surgery is largely dependent on your choice of plastic surgeon, cost of cosmetic or plastic surgery should not be your only consideration for your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery abroad - in Budapest? PlasticSurgery costs vary from surgeon to surgeon based on reputation and experience. For a well-known experienced Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon to perform your surgical procedure, expect to pay between 20% - 30% more than the avarage cost of the surgery.

Dr Vincente Rodrigo is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He is one of the most accomplished and recognised Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Hungary,therfore his prices higher than the average. Less experienced and reputable surgeons will cost less.

When it comes to plastic surgery, higher cost typically equals more experienced surgeon and therefore better result. When it comes to Dr Rodrigo, this is definitely the case. Do you really want the cheapest p0lastic surgery clinic you can find? Plastic surgery will alter you for life. If you go shopping for consumable goods, it is wise to ”price shop”. If you don’t like the item you purchased you can return it or discard it – you have not made a lifelong mistake. You do not have this same luxury with plastic surgery. You cannot afford to go for the cheapest person when your looks are being changed forever. There is some really bad plastic surgery work out there where the individual decided to price shop or even if the person didn’t price shop but didn’t manage to find a highly experienced surgeon. In fact, Dr Rodrigo has had a lot of patients who went to him to fix something that another plastic surgeon has botched up. In the plastic surgery industry you get what you pay for. Our aim is not to be the cheapest but to provide you with the best possible end result.

The cost of the cosmetic surgery procedure should not be the most and only important issue when consulting a plastic surgeon.

Price and cost of Cosmetic Treatments and Plastic Surgery Abroad - in the best plastic surgery clinic in Budapest, Hungary

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Face cosmetic plastic surgeries
Turbinectomy if the surgery is the part of the rhinoplasty
Mole removal on face up to 2
Upper eyelid surgery
Lower Eyelid surgery -fat and skin removal
Fat transfer - only 1 area (under eyes or lips)
Buccal fat removal
Ear correction Otoplasty ( left and right)
Modified lower eyelids lift
Eyebrow lift
Fat transfer - cheeks
Silhouette - thread - facelift (local anesth.)
Bullhorn lip lift - local anesthetic
Forehead Surgery with local anesthestic
Lateral eyebrow lift
Lip reduction surgery
Facial fat transfer - three areas on the face
Full face fat transfer from
Upper and lower eyelids lift
Septoplasty ( g.a)
Rhinoplasty - tip reshaping only general anesthisa
Temporal area lift -local
Closed rhinoplasty
Open Rhinoplasty
Cheek lift -Local an.
Septo-Rhinoplasty - complete reshaping + nasal septum correction
Secondary Open Rhinoplasty, extensive tip-plasty
Secondary or reconstructive Septo-Rhinoplasty - complete reshaping
Neck lift
Mini facelift
Deep Plane vertical Facelift
Deep plane neck lift +jaws line correction
Deep Plane Vertical Facelift + Deep Plane Neck lift ( package price)
Depp Plane Facelift + Necklift + Platisma plasty

Plastic surgery abroad - body and limbs
Buffalo hump removal

Breast plastic surgery /
Previous implant removal (if part of any breast surgery)
Previous implant removal ( if part of any breast surgery) + capsulectomy
Gynecomastia only with liposuction)
Male breast reduction - liposuction + surgical removal of glandular tissue
Breast enlargement - round implants (progressive cohesive gel)
Breast enlargement - round implants - implants are larger than 500cc
Breast lift - small breast
Breast Augmentation with Motiva Teardrop (up to 500cc)
Breast lift ( major)
Breast lift + breast augmentation (implants are smaller than 500 cc)
Breast lift + assymetry correction
Breast lift + reduction

Liposuction - PAL /
Liposuction small body area up to 500 ml fat removal - Local
Liposuction - small body area up to 1 litre fat removal general anaesthesia
Liposuction - medium body area up to 2 litre fat removal general anaesthesia
Stomach, Lower Belly, Waist and lower back
Outer thighs , inner thighs , front of the thighs ,under the bottocks
Liposuction - large body area up to 4 litre fat removal general anaesthesia

Smart Lipo - Liposculpture /
Double chin
Arms laser liposution -scarless arm lift
Small body area up to 1 litre fat removal general anaesthesia
Medium body area up to 2 litre fat removal general anaesthesia
Liposculpture of the torso up to 3 litre fat removal general anaesthesia-
Large body area up to 4 litre fat removal general anaesthesia
Liposculpture of the torso +gynecomastia- for men

Wrinkle treatment and facial fillers /

Reconstructive surgery /
Secondary or reconstructive surgery after previous doctor's operations can be more difficult and have higher charges. The prices usually start from 25% higher than the original prices in our list.
In any area previously treated with liposuction the fat often contains scar tissue which makes liposuction of the same area more difficult to perform. The prices start from 20% higher than the original prices.
Fat filling: - contour repair by transfer of own fat per area

This is not a complete list of available procedures

The prices shown here are indicative prices. If you would like a more exact price quotation please tell us the type of procedure you would like and send us high quality pictures of the areas affected.


  1. Consultation with Dr Rodrigo Plastic Surgeon (prior to arrival "&" personal consultation when at plastic surgery clinic)
  2. All medication and dressing whilst at the plastic surgery clinic
  3. An overnight stay in the plastic surgery clinic (if required)
  4. Dressings "&" surgical wear during your stay
  5. All post-operative treatments
  6. Examination before attending the plastic surgery clinic
  7. The cosmetic/ plastic surgery procedure
  8. Implants as required
  9. Local anesthesia
  10. All check-ups and examinations
  11. All food whilst at plastic surgery clinic
  12. 24/7 Help-line during your stay (via personal assistant)
  13. Support line once home

In the unlikely event of a re-operation requirement by Surgeon's Request, the operation would be free.

The assistance service and transportation are exclusively for health related purposes.

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