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Hugh Jackman is filming in Budapest - next to our Clinic!
2011/08/02 10:30 AM

Hugh Jackman filming in Budapest

Hugh Jackman Budapesten forgat

Hugh Jackman Budapesten a Stahly Utca 15-ben

Budapesten forgat Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman in Budapest

Celebrity Tattoos
by Emma Preston on 2010/06/20 11:05 PM


Celebrity's dilemma:Blond or Brunette?
by Emma Preston Budapest


before and after dew barry

before and after reews witherspoon

Angelina Jolie Pictures by Meditourist on 2010/02/08 11:36 PM
by Meditourist on 2010/02/08 11:36 PM

Is it true Angelina Jolie had Plastic Surgery?

Look at these Angelina Jolie "before after" pictures and decide yourself...
Angelina Jolie Magyarorszagon
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angelina nose surgery before after


There are many rumors saying that Angelina Jolie has had some plastic surgery procedures.

Her full lips are the result of good genes, although her nose and cheeks may have had a little help from the plastic surgeon over the years

perfect nose for womnen

The perfect nose with different has got a different meanings to everyone.

LA Times Magazine's Top List for Actresses:

50 Most Beautiful Women In Film 2011

1. Isabelle Adjani 2. Brigitte Bardot 3. Kim Basinger 4. Monica Bellucci 5. Halle Berry 6. Louise Brooks 7. Claudia Cardinale 8. Julie Christie 9. Jennifer Connelly 10. Joan Crawford 11. Penelope Cruz 12. Dorothy Dandridge 13. Catherine Deneuve 14. Faye Dunaway 15. Farrah Fawcett 16. Greta Garbo 17. Ava Gardner 18. Eva Green 19. Anne Hathaway 20. Salma Hayek 21. Rita Hayworth 22. Audrey Hepburn 23. Angelina Jolie 24. Grace Kelly 25. Beyonce Knowles 26. Nicole Kidman 27. Hedy Lamarr 28. Vivien Leigh 29. Virna Lisi 30. Blake Lively 31. Jennifer Lopez 32. Sophia Loren 33. Ali Macgraw 34. Marilyn Monroe 35. Kim Novak 36. Merele Oberon 37. Michelle Pfeiffer 38. Frieda Pinto 39. Natalie Portman 40. Julia Roberts 41. Jean Seberg 42. Brooke Shields 43. Sharon Stone 44. Elizabeth Taylor 45. Charlize Theron 46. Gene Tierney 47. Lana Turner 48. Rachel Weisz 49. Natalie Wood 50. Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Cosmetic Surgery Appeals To Men, Women With Appearance-Based Rejection Sensitivity

by Kathy on 2010/02/05 11:39 PM

Meditourist — Researchers have found that men and women who feel sensitive to rejection based on their physical appearance are more likely to express interest in having cosmetic surgerythan those who are less sensitive to appearance-based rejection. This effect is particularly true when people recall negative comments about their physical appearance.

The study, which appeared in the June issue of the journal Body Image, was conducted by Lora E. Park, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo; Rachel M. Calogero, Ph.D., lecturer in psychology at the University of Kent, and Melissa J. Harwin and Ann Marie DiRaddo, former graduate students in the UB Department of Psychology.

The study examined the role of appearance-based rejection sensitivity -- the tendency to anxiously expect rejection based on one's appearance -- among men and women's interest in cosmetic surgery.

For the study, a total of 133 American college students were randomly assigned to write an essay about either a negative or positive comment about their appearance that they had received in the past. Compared to participants with lower appearance-based rejection sensitivity, those with higher sensitivity felt more rejected and expressed greater interest in getting cosmetic surgery after recalling a negative versus positive appearance comment.

Results were found even after controlling for other individual difference variables, such as overall self-esteem, general rejection sensitivity, appearance contingent self worth and self-perceived attractiveness.

Negative appearance comments were most often made in reference to body weight/shape/size, the study participants reported, whereas positive appearance comments were most often made in reference to overall appearance. Peers/friends/romantic partners were the most frequently cited source of both positive and negative appearance comments.

"The results of this study suggest that individuals who anxiously expect rejection based on their appearance are vulnerable to the effects of negative comments about their appearance," says Park. "Sensitivity to appearance rejection may therefore be aFollow us on Twitter key psychological variable to consider when examining responses to teasing related to appearance, especially with regard to feeling rejected and expressing interest in cosmetic surgery," she adds.
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