Post Surgery Depression

Depression After Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery?

Having certain plastic surgery procedures can be quite a draining experience for a person. One must remember that many procedures even if they are cosmetic are major operations and can be both physically and mentally exhausting. After the surgery the patient will have used up their adrenalin stores and may feel worn down and in a lot of pain. It is natural to feel this way after a major operation.

All these factors may lead to the patient developing certain symptoms of post- surgery depression and therefore it is important that the patient go into the plastic, cosmetic surgery mentally prepared for what is to come. Patients are generally very excited before their plastic surgeries and afterwards once that excitement is gone they feel a bit let down and question why they had the surgery.

Remember that after the plastic or cosmetic surgery there will be bruising, swelling and general discomfort and it takes time to heal and for the results to show, so don’t worry or be anxious if the results aren’t instantaneous. Another reason for discomfort is that if the patient had some form of implants or filler injected it takes some time for the body to accept the foreign object, once this subsides you will start to feel better.

It is also vital not to overexert yourself, rest, relax and not put undue stress on your body. Try to take things easy for a while and ease yourself back into your daily routine so as not to completely burn yourself out.

This is frustrating for many patients, being instructed to stay in bed and possibly have to sleep upright but what they must remember is that the more they rest the faster they will heal and the faster everything gets back to normal. Having the support of family members and friends who can help you with your daily routine also makes things much easier for patients.

This isn’t intended to scare people away from getting plastic surgery, once you recover you will look and feel much better than before and it will all have been worth it. This is a reminder to patients to be aware of both the physical and mental effects of having plastic cosmetic surgery and how to deal with them. Just by understanding all of this the patient is less likely to have unrealistic expectations and can go through the healing phase with a calmer state of mind.

Post Surgery Depression Can Be Prevented

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