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Liposculpture with SmartLipo

The ideal male body shape is considered to be trim and athletic-looking, with broad shoulders and chest, a flat abdomen, and a narrow hip-thigh area, making the overall shape of a 'V'. However, as men age, areas of fat tend to accumulate around the abdomen, the flanks ("love handles"), the breast area (a condition called gynecomastia), and along the chin and neck. Men sometimes seek liposuction to remove these fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.In many cases, liposuction alone can effectively correct these problem areas. Men retain their skin elasticity longer than women do, and the areas of fat beneath the skin tend to be firmer and more vascular than those in women. Because of these and other factors, liposuction in men is usually very effective.

Advanced technique of lipo body sculpting using Smartlipo laser technology

Hi-Def liposculpture is an advanced liposuction technique. Combining technology and art, this technique can sculpt a flabby stomach into a toned tummy. Using smaller instruments, under local anasthetic, Dr Vincente Rodrgio can insure less pain and a shorter recovery period. Although no type of liposuction is a substitute for dieting and exercise, Hi- Def liposculpture can remove stubborn areas of fat that don't respond to traditional weight-loss methods. However, in contrast to liposuction, the procedure of liposculpture with SmartLipo is a more time consuming operation with a greater amount of personal skill required by the plastic surgeon, this create a smoother end result.This treatment is recommended for those who are already athletic or have small amounts of 'stubborn' fat deposits that they wished permanently removed. It is a highly effective treatment for those who wish to sculpt their body to absolute perfection. This is ideal for men who wish to have a more chiselled looking abdomen or body. The face, breasts, back, and calves are the other areas of the body, that SmartLipo can be also very effective. Smartlipo technique is specifically used to create tone and definition by precisely sculpting the body to produce the desired contoured effect.

Often liposculpture of the abdomen can be combined with treatment of the hips and waist and the size of the whole torso is reduced, creating a waist, getting rid of that square look and giving the whole central section a real rejuvenation.

Liposuction PAL

The difference between liposuction and hi def liposculpture is that liposuction is a treatment most beneficial for those who wish to remove larger amounts of fat from their body (maximum 5 litres) and is done under general anasthesia, whereas liposculpture is a treatment for those who only want to remove small amounts of excess fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, done under local anasthesia. The most common areas treated on men are the chest (sometimes to treat a condition known as gynecomastia), the flanks or “love handles”, the abdomen, and the neck and chin.

Candidate for Male Liposuction

The best liposuction candidates are men who are healthy overall, in reasonably good shape, but have some stubborn areas that are resistant to improvement with diet and exercise. In some cases, men who are heavier may be candidates for large volume liposuction.Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss - it is a contouring procedure for areas of the body that are diet and exercise resistant. These would include the abdomen and flanks in men. Finally, the quality of skin can also be a factor since skin retraction will occur after liposuction. In most cases, liposuction can be an excellent procedure with a relatively quick recovery and noticeable improvements in body contour.


For most people, liposuction recovery is comfortable. Because the surgeon inject local anesthetic as part of the procedure, the patients have little if any pain. Depending on the number of areas treated and the amount of fat removed, men take between two days and a week or so off from work following the procedure.

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