Additional Costs of Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery in Budapest

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General things you should consider on top of the plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery fee:

The comprehensive quotation does not include:
  1. Medical test
  2. Medications not related to the cosmetic surgery ,or treatment
  3. Hotel or accommodation during your medical trip
  4. Any other item not specified
  5. Airline tickets
The minimum stay after plastic surgery procedures 2 to -10 nights . In case you wish to stay only for the minimum time in Budapest you must arrange supervision and aftercare back home.

Budapest What extra costs do I need to consider when choosing my plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in Budapest?

Extra Fees:

Should you decide to book your own hotel, accomodation, should this not be near the clinic, you may have to pay for these extra trips, as and when required.

Optional additional cost to consider:

Possible additional CLINIC accommodation - A charge of 150 EUROS made for each extra night required.

Post-Operative Garments:

2nd Set of Post-Operative Garments. You will be quoted at the clinic, as they are price dependent on the operation(s). Remember, in most cases these will be worn day and night for about 2 to 3 months

Hotel / food / other costs should be paid in local currency .

Please be aware of these extra costs, when calculating the total amount you need to budget for, but if in any doubt, please ask!

We do not charge any administration fee, or booking fee.

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