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Cohesive Gel - Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Women with breast implants very often will need additional cometic surgery at some point to replace or remove her implants to correct the foolowing problems such as deflation, capsular contracture, infection, shifting.. Most of the women decide to have the implants replaced, but some do not. Those who do not have their implants replaced may have cosmetically undesirable dimpling,sagging and/or puckering of the breast following removal of the implant. Breast implant replacement is a common surgery for those who have had a breast augmentation. While it is still possible for the breastswith implants to last as long as you live, this is very uncommon and in many casesthe breast implants will have to be changed . .

The plastic surgeon who performed the original surgery is not necessarily the best choice for removing the implant. Removal can be much more complicated and expensive than the original surgery, especially after a silicone gel implant has broken. Some plastic surgeons are very experienced at removal and are especially skilled at getting the best possible cosmetic result. Most surgeons who specialize in removal recommend removing the implants "en bloc," which means that the implant and the intact scar tissue capsule surrounding it are all removed together. This helps remove any silicone that may have leaked from a broken gel implant, and also helps remove silicone or other chemicals that may have "bled" from the silicone outer envelope

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Breast implants are used for:
  • primary augmentation cosmetic surgery to increase breast size for cosmetic reasons
  • augmentation revision surgery to correct or improve the result of an original breast augmentation cosmetic surgery
  • primary reconstruction plastic surgery to replace breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer or trauma
  • revision-reconstruction and revision surgery to correct or improve the result of an original breast reconstruction plasticsurgery

Gummy bear is soft and has a natural touch and feeling. When inserted in the breast it gives the breast a very natural look. It maintains its shape and does not settle down, leak or fold. Also if the silicone bag or shell in which it is put breaks, gummy bear implants do not leak but stay in its place.It does not cause any reaction or rejection, does not cause inflammation or scarring in the surrounding breast tissues. Cohesive gel implants or gummy bear implants are the only kind implants which are used by Dr Rodrigo for breast implant repleacment.

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